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Pagify is an online tool for designing and generating PDF documents. It works within the browser and offers an API so it can be integrated with any web application.
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Pagify helps you design documents with a single click!
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What is Pagify
Pagify is an online tool for designing and generating PDF documents. It has two components:
  1. An online WYSIWYG PDF designer to create document templates
  2. A REST based API to inject data into the template and produce PDF files
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What Pagify lets you do?
Create branded reports with your company's logo and official theme. Use the charting tools to ensure that the information in your reports is not only useful but presentable to your senior management and clients.
You want your customers to receive invoices that carry your branding and you need to create those without manual labour. With Pagify, your invoice generation can not only be automated but the output will be pretty too!
Hosting an event and need to email printable invitations to hundreds of attendees? Look no further because Pagify has everything you need. Design your invitation in Pagify's online editor and automatically create (and email) all invitations in one go.
A proposal that is not able to make an impression on your client is a lost opportunity. Make sure you prepare presentable and visually appealing documents with Pagify. Whats more is that once designed, the same template can be used again to serve new clients quickly.
Use the extensive formatting and design tools to prepare business letters that are in accordance with your company's style guide. No need to spend hours formatting documents. Create the design once and use multiple times.
No one wants to read emails, let alone dull and boring ones. Make your emails stand out from the crowd by designing creative documents and send them as attachments. And with Pagify, the whole process can be automated, so its quick and easy.
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How it works
The 3-step workflow
With Pagify's visual document designer, it is super easy to design the layout and format of your documents. With powerful visualization tools such as charts and tables, you can create more presentable and visually appealing documents.
Plug in
Our REST API gives you the freedom to integrate Pagify into any web application or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Populate your document template with data from your web application, forms, or any other data source.
Generate unlimited documents with Pagify’s cloud. Forget servers, licensing fees or software installation; we are built for scalability so we'll grow with your demand.
After you sign up for alpha, our team would review your application and invite you to use the service. However you may or may not recieve an invitation depending upon certain factors that we would take into consideration.