How it works
Watch the demo
Log into your account
After creating an account from the home page, you will be logged into your profile where you would be presented with a dashboard. Here you can see information relevant to your account, including previous templates (if there are any) and a log of your activity along with account information and passwords.
The Designer
The Design button on your dashboard will take you to our web based design tool where you can design the template for your document. It has various tools including text, shapes, colors, formatting tools and powerful data visualization features like graphs, tables etc.
Object properties
You need to specify where your data would be populated on the template. Each object you draw on the canvas has a set of properties which you would be able to view on the right hand side of the editor. Here you would be able to map your data to the objects on the document.
Use the API
After you save your template, you can use your API key and template ID (both of which you can view from the dashboard) to push data into the template and generate PDFs. A typical API call for a Ruby client may look like this.
require 'pagifyio'
pagify = Pagifyio.new(<apikey>,<apisecret>)